Avoid complications when migrating email, just select the source and the target and press on Start

Easily migrate your email! Avoid complications when migrating email, just select the source and the target and press on Start

Email Migration Tool for Exchange, IMAP and Legacy Email Clients

MsgExtract works with most email service providers and email clients


Outlook, Exchange Server and Office 365 migration tool

MsgExtract fully supports MAPI and can do a two way migration from / to MS Outlook, Exchange Server and Office 365.

IMAP migration tool for Gmail / Google Apps migration

MsgExtract fully supports IMAP and can use SSL and a SSL certificate to connect to Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail and others. It can perform a two way migration.

Legacy email clients migration tool

Msgextract can read email from legacy email clients like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora and others.

Email Branching

We make it easy to branch and move email to different folders and to different targets based on your email data and fields. Create complex export jobs based on True False conditions that can be nested

Address Table

Replace email addresses or change the domain when migrating to a new provider.

Source Mail Filters

Filter your email messages by date, sender, subject and read flag.

Range Filter and Sampling Filter

You can start processing messages at a particular email number and process only the number of emails that you need.

Bounced Email Filter

Filter Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces and Not Bounced states. Generate a report of email addresses that have bounced.

Spam Filter

Do not copy spam email. Filter it by verifying whether an email is spam by checking Blacklists services like SpamHaus, DSBL.

Additional Features

  • Folder renaming
  • Top Folders suppression - The top most folders can be disabled so that they are not created at the target.