MsgExtract Version History

2/24/2016: MsgExtract 3.3.6

  • Outlook: The folders loading speed was improved.

1/29/2016: MsgExtract 3.3.4

  • Imap target: The target folders were opened in read only mode, fixed.

1/7/2016: MsgExtract 3.3.1

  • Outlook MAPI: Added the option to load the top most folders only.

1/4/2016: MsgExtract 3.3.0

  • Office Outlook 2016 support
  • Email sources: Added option to parse body
  • IMAP: Added authentication option
  • IMAP Target: certificate missing when loading folders

9/15/2015: MsgExtract v.3.0.7

  • MailExplorer: Open a MSG or EML file with MailExplorer by right clicking on it.
  • Export Parts: The source filename can be exported to Excel, etc.

7/11/2015: MsgExtract v.3.0.0

  • CRM Targets: Added Agile CRM, Insightly, Pipedrive. Improved Capsule and Highrise.
  • Helpdesk sources: Added Desk, Freshdesk, HelpScout, Zendesk.
  • Amazon S3: Improved can replicate the email folder structure.
  • Linked Images Download: can now process redirects.
  • Windows Mail: support for Windows 8.1

4/3/2015: MsgExtract v.2.9.0

  • Full Exchange Server support - It is possible to access all mailboxes using privileged Administrator mode to export and import email from all users.
  • Improved the Batch Email Printer - It can now print image attachments without relying on having a shell association to an application.
  • Added the option to save downloaded images to the common 'Attachments' folder.

2/24/2015: MsgExtract v.2.8.3

  • Outlook Source: Added the option to only process unread messages.
  • All email sources: Added the option to download Html linked images.
  • Attachments: Added the option to modify the attachment filenames by selecting email fields.

12/5/2014: MsgExtract v.2.8.0

  • EmailParts: Gmail labels and the email source FolderNames can be exported to Excel.
  • Data Parsing: Scripting support in Basic and pascal added.

11/26/2014: MsgExtract v2.7.6

  • New 7-Zip Compression: Email saved as single files (EML, MSG, HTM, ..) can be compressed as 7-Zip files. Compressed files can be batch decompressed.
  • New Encryption: Email saved as single files (EML, MSG, HTM, ..) can be encrypted with the following algorithms: AES, Blowfish, CAST, DES, IDEA RC2, RC4, TEA, TripleDES, Twofish. Encrypted files can be batch decrypted.

11/6/2014: MsgExtract v2.7.1

  • New Range Filter: It is possible to select the starting message and the number of emails that are going to be processed in all selected folders.
  • New Sampling Filter: You can define the sample size and it will randomly process the sample size number of messages in all selected folders.
  • Fixed: When reading MSG files without Outlook the Html part in some messages was being skipped.

10/26/2014: MsgExtract v2.7.0

  • New Bounced Email Filter: Filter HardBounces and SoftBounces with a conditional branch (True, False). Export to Excel the bounce type, bounce description and final recipient.
  • New Attachments Filter: Remove attachments from an email message based on the attachments filename
  • Printer Target: Added the option to print compressed attachments

10/23/2014: MsgExtract v2.6.0

  • Printer Target: Added the option to print the attachments in chronological order.
  • Printer Target: Zipped attachments will be decompressed an printed as well.
  • Printer Target: The Windows Shell print associations are used for printing the attachments, if no association exists for the attachment file extension it is skipped.
  • Printer Target: Better control of the printer. It waits until the printing job is done before sending another job.

10/10/2014: MsgExtract v2.5.9

  • MailExplorer: Fixed address list error.
  • MailExplorer: Check if the email source is assigned when initializing.
  • MailExplorer: Mapi – verify the type of the message before downloading.

9/23/2014: MsgExtract v2.5.8

  • MAPI - Messages couldn’t be deleted when the processed message store didn’t have a Deleted Items folder.
  • Messages that are overwritten can now be deleted, in addition to the existing saved and skipped conditions.
  • Outlook, Exchange, Thunderbird IMAP and Gmail targets can report now to the source whether the email has been saved and can be safely deleted.

9/17/2014: MsgExtract v2.5.7

  • Fixed: MsgExtract incorrectly detected Incredimail version 2.x as version 1.x when Incredimail was upgraded from version 1.